Photos.  Below are photographs of stocks where work is required, work in progress and refurbished products.  Desktop users will have details with each photo.  - Each photo has comments visible once enlarged.

 Stock Finishing

Is your stock looking tired, scratched or does it have ingrained oil?  Most damage can be removed without trace during the preparation of your stock for re oiling.  We can use any finish that you desire.  However, we specialise in a Best London Hand Rubbed Oil finish.  This will rejuvenate your woodwork, enhancing its beauty and extending its life.

Does the head of your stock or forend look particularly dark or black?  If so, this could be ingrained gun oil, which softens the walnut and leads to cracks.  The gun oil can be removed prior to refinishing.

Is your chequering feeling flat and worn out?  If so, we can recut this by hand leaving you with a good grip and a rejuvinated stock.

Prices start from £100 plus P&P.  We are happy to provide an estimate based on clear photographs via email.  Please ring to discuss your requirements.  


Are your barrels patchy and dull?  To complement your freshly oiled woodwork why not have your barrels and furniture re-blued and the whole gun will look like new.  Due to the many methods of blueing please ring for a quote to best suit your gun. 

​Prices start from £100 plus P&P.


Does your stock need altering?  Does your gun fit?  If you require a gun fit then please see details on Gun Fitting.  We can carry out stock alterations and adjustments to your measurements.  This ranges from stock lengthening in wood to recoil pad fitting.  Due to the variety of alterations that can be carried out please ring or email for an quote.

​Prices Start From:

Recoil pad £40 plus cost of a pad

Lengthened in wood £100 plus cost of walnut

Shortening and refitting of your pad £40

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